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Draper is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of projection screens, motorized lifts for projectors and other AV equipment, window shades and other solar control/daylight management solutions, and videoconferencing products. They offer one of the most advanced dealer portals in the marketplace. Register for the free Draper Pro Portal and you will have instant online access to USAV pricing, Draper’s job registration program, freight and order status. You will also be able to use Draper online tools such as the Projection Planner, the industry’s most advanced tool for getting the right projection screen solution for each and every need. Click here to register for the Draper Pro Portal.

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Draper_2Projection Screens: Draper’s 115-year-plus history of innovation continues with TecVision, a premium line of viewing surfaces unsurpassed in image clarity, uniformity, performance, and overall quality. All of Draper TecVision formulations are 8K ready, certified by the Imaging Science Foundation for color accuracy, and available in optically seamless sizes up to 69-feet wide. If you can see the seam in one of Draper’s optically seamless TecVision screens from five feet away, they’ll take it back—no questions asked! That’s how confident they are in TecVision, and how committed they are to providing the screen solution you need for your specific situation—whether you are dealing with ambient light, a weak projector, mission-critical detail, an extra wide seating area, or other issues—there is a TecVision for that. TecVision is available on any Draper permanently-tensioned or tab-tensioned motorized screen model. Click here for more information.

Lifts: Draper is the industry’s leading manufacturer of motorized lifts for projectors, videoconferencing cameras, flat panels, and other AV equipment. Whether it is above a stage, inside a piece of furniture, behind a wall, under a bed, or recessed in a ceiling or floor, Draper can put your AV equipment out of the way, ready for deployment at the touch of a button or tap on a touchscreen. Draper’s MPL and Scissor Lift are both UL-certified, and the Scissor Lift is the first and only scissor lift certified to the new UL 2442 and CSA C22.2 No. 60065-03 standards. Click here for more information on Draper lifts.

Draper_3Window Shades: Nobody knows more about daylight management and solar control than Draper. After all, that is how they started back in 1902. Whether you’re talking about simple manual shades or motorized units that tie into building automation or sun tracking, Draper has a wide range of solutions. They can offer thousands of fabric color and texture choices to fit any building design or solar control need. Learn more about Draper window shade products.

Videoconferencing Solutions: In addition to motorized lifts to hide away videoconferencing cameras, Draper offers a wide variety of portable and permanently installed backdrops to make sure your videoconferencing efforts look professional, coordinated, and relevant. From simple step-and-repeat backgrounds to dual roller units for multi-purpose use, Draper has a motorized or manual Videoconferencing Background for every situation. And with our custom printed backgrounds, we can put whatever graphics you want behind you. Click here for more information.


Draper_4Service is about more than being there if and when the wheels fall off. Service is also about the three Cs: Connection, commitment, and caring.

Draper’s award-winning customer service and sales/marketing support are famous throughout the AV industry. They work hard to make sure that when you contact them you get a live person—and the same knowledgeable and helpful person who helped you the last time. Members of Draper’s AV team boast CTS, LEED AP, ISF, and other certifications, so you can have confidence in their knowledge and ability! They also provide a complete online library of documents, including brochures, technical documents, instructions, drawings, and photos so you can find product information and support materials when and where you need them.

Draper_5And in the unlikely event that problems should arise with an order, Draper will ask one question—“How can we fix this?”—and then they will take the steps necessary to make it happen. End of story. No excuses. Just fast, friendly, and sharp support. When is the last time you had a committed and caring customer connection experience like that?

Speaking of connection, social is a big deal with Draper. In today’s marketing world, people do not want to hear a canned sales pitch. They want to hear the story of what your product does and why it’s the solution they need. Look on just about any social media platform and you will find Draper there, telling stories, providing information, reaching out, answering questions, and engaging with the AV community. To participate in #DraperSocial, email tcoffey@draperinc.com. Click here to connect with Draper on social media.


Draper_6Most people know the Draper story: Founded in 1902 as a window shade manufacturer, providing daylighting and solar control solutions to schools; the development of Draper’s first projection screen, the V Screen, in the 1950s; their eventual growth to one of the largest projection screen manufactures in the world; the addition of lifts, videoconferencing solutions and more to the Draper line; their remaining a family-owned company in the same small town where they started out; how they’ve never had a layoff. Ever.


Draper_7But one part of the story that can get lost in the “since 1902” line is this: Draper hasn’t just been around for a long time, gathering dust; they have a long and proud tradition of product and process innovation. For instance, did you know they were the first projection screen manufacturer to develop and patent the “case now screen later” concept? Or that over the past few years they spent millions researching and developing the award-winning TecVision line of premium projection viewing surfaces? Every day the Draper staff of engineers and chemists are looking at ways to improve products and developing new solutions.
At Draper, they have rooted in their history and community, but reaching ahead for future innovations in all of the Draper product lines.


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